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How Textile Mills Are Modernizing

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How Textile Mills Are Modernizing

Published ca. 1948

How electricity can modernize textile mills. Great shots of cotton mills, processing and textile manufacturing; technical narration laced with industry jargon. In Technicolor.

Run time 25:09
Producer Wolff (Raphael G.) Studios
Sponsor General Electric Company
Audio/Visual Sd, C


How electricity can modernize textile mills. Great shots of cotton mills, processing and textile manufacturing, with technical narration laced with industry jargon.
VS workers making industrial and commercial fabric
MS older woman going thru fabric in fabric store (critical eye)
Title: Trend 1: MODERNIZATION (hand turning page in front of camera)
Lighting, materials handling, air conditioning, power distribution system
Switching engine from Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co. , Amsterdam, N.Y., pushing a Nickel Plate RR freight car
Trend 1: Modern Mill Conditioning
GS old industrial air conditioning plant
VS cotton processing machines, combs combing yarn
Drawing of cotton fibers
MS women operating spinning mills
Machinery in weave shed
2 women inspecting finished products
Because of AC, ÒThereÕs no millroom fever here and morale is high.Ó
Women working in room on looms
Man inspecting fabric rolling by for defects
Man operating huge loom
Old material handling method: African American men pushing bales of cotton into place, using handtruck
New method: African American worker on forklift lifting bale onto stack
Overhead conveyor carrying lap into pick room
Men working with electrically controlled hoist in dye room
Electrically controlled blending line system
VS electrical distribution apparatus: lines, transformers, etc.
MS man inspecting electrical distribution units in cabinets
MS man operating switch gear on low-voltage system
Man in suit pointing out features of electrical distribution system
VS tools with individual electric motor drives, no central drive belts
VS knitters (knitting machines)
CU yarn winder in operation
Rayon spinning machine powered with individual motors
Operator running rayon yarn spinning machine
Two-for-one twister shown in laboratory of manufacturer
Animation showing individual motor powering double-twist spindle
Engineer measuring tension and twist with tensometer (good)
VS spinning frames
Animation: adjustable control maintains spinning tension at maximum safe level
Full-fashioned hosiery knitter with electronic ÒbrainÓ regulating its speed changes
Pan down womanÕs skirt (long) to hosiery, showing seams in back (Òvery well constructed Ð the hose, that it)
CU knitting machine knitting nylon stocking (seamfree) in 17 minutes
Woman operating machine, collecting stockings and replacing supply of yarn
Woman operating new ÒwarperÓ drive, handling delicate filament electronically
Man operating slasher drive with amplidyne generators
CU rollers on slasher machine
Woman operator loading bobbins on machine
CU manÕs arms and hands setting up machine
VS Rug-weaving (Axminster loom) in operation, powered by electronic drive
New weaving machines in operation
Vacuum card stripper Ð blade moving by camera
Modern pin-drafter leveling out and reducing fibers
Woman operating machine masking worsted yarns
VS Photoelectric eye inspecting cloth, seeing skew and setting it true (weft-straightening)
Man operating this machine
Stroboscopic lights used in cloth inspection, appearing to make weave stand still
Modern batcher drive
Dye jig, electrically powered Ð tension controlled by electric motor
VS Woman operating spectrophotometer to inspect dye color
CU rotating graph paper on above machine
CU Electronic tensile tester pulling swatch of fabric apart (good)
Women operating this machine
Air orifice thickness testing Ð man running this machine
Infrared radiant heating Ð CU two infrared bulbs in front of textile samples
Man in T-shirt moving rolls of fabric for shipment
Pan over blended cotton-rayon fabric things
Woman fondling fabric sample
Animation of blended fabric process
CU womanÕs legs and shoes exiting car (good)
Animation of line of machines, control switch, and finger pushing switch
Animation of compensating gate tightening and loosening fabric tension
Animation of electric eye sensing fabric tension
Animation of fabric passing thru belts
Red cloth passing thru dyeing rollers
Recap of themes with white super titles as before over images
Zooms (five of them) into old-fashioned fabric patterns (great)



Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - May 9, 2010
Subject: ...Uh-Huh....
They Are Moderninizing Alright,IN CHINA..!...Try To Find A Mill In The USA..!
Reviewer: Ron Raygun - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 9, 2010
Subject: "Progress is our Most Important Product"
The General Electric Company prior to Neutron Jack (Welch) was a world leader in the electrical industry concentrating on improvements in manufacturing process control methods with their products. The previous poster cannot seem to figure out why America has lost the textile industry to Bangladesh, China, and India. GE did their job well, but the humanistic element with labor Union thugs killed it.
Reviewer: donwert - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 20, 2010
Subject: The Wonderful World of Textiles
Some may find this film boring, but I'm fascinated by industrial processes. It amazes me how much ingenuity goes into the making of various things we take for granted. In this case, I noticed that the filmed "report" appeared to be a textile industry production on techinical advancements. It was hard not to see, however, that almost every advancement described seemed to require electrical motors and instruments---and that all of the machines shown seemed to made by GE. And, by golly, at the end we see that this film was made by-----GE!!

Too bad the American textile industry has all but been globalized out of existence...
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavorite - August 1, 2003
Subject: If looms and warp turn you on, then this is the film for you!
Meandering film, made for fabric makers telling of the many MANY new technoligical advancements made in the Textile industry. Spread out into 4 long chapters, the narrator just glows about tension, warp, looms and the ilk. It feels unfair to downgrade the movie just because I didn't give a hoot about any new advancements, but honestly, if textile machinery isn't your bag, then I would seriously reccomend that OTHER textile film, Greater Goal: Human Dividends from American Industry.
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